Monday Mixes

“More than a band, more than songs craftily arranged by musicians, more than a group of dudes running after their dreams. Ascend The Hill exists for a purpose far greater than our own selfish endeavours…we exist to make much of the name of Jesus. Without Him in our midst we’re just another social gathering, and we’re wasting our time.”

Those are the words of the Band Ascend the Hill. They are this week’s Monday Mixes! They are a band that writes their own music as well as rewrites old hymns. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to them and praising God through their music.

They have three albums out at the moment. Find them here. And yes… they are giving all their albums for FREE!


Monday Mixes!

So what’s on this weeks Monday mixes? Its another worship album! This week is a group called Hope Hymns. However it isn’t your typical hymns album. Hope hymns is a band that typically rewrites old hymns musically to a more indie rock feel. There is only one song that they kept the original tune, The Solid Rock. But all the rest have been rewritten musically. Download Volume II by Hope Hymns here.

Enjoy! Also feel free to comment below on what you think about all these groups we have been posting.

Monday Mixes (Delayed)

Sorry for this super late post. We are taking a change of course this week… moving away from the realm of Hip hop and rap to the realm of worship. Not that you can’t worship God through Rap. You absolutely can!

Stephen Miller is the Worship Pastor at Real Life Church in Austin, Texas. He has come out with multiple albums, with songs written specifically for the local church. You can enjoy two of those albums for free!

All Hail the King

I hope they encourage your soul and faith in Christ!

One to One

Are you confused on how to share the gospel or confused on how to grow in your faith? Well God hasn’t just left us to wonder about these questions by ourself. He is a God who is not silent and speaks so clearly! One to One is a book that we have at the youth group resource table that you can take and read, or read with a friend. It will remind you that the greatest way to grow in your faith and share the gospel is simply to read his word. Its a great book to grow as Christian. It’s a great book to learn how to share the gospel with non Christian friends, and a great book to learn how to disciple other Christians. in the book David Helm teaches you how to study the bible intentionally by yourself and with others.

At the back of the book he has some questions for you to use as you study the bible yourself or with one another. Click here for the pdf of these questions! They are a great resource for yo to use as you study God’s word.

If you would like a copy of the book, stop by the resource table on Thursday night!

Monday Mixes

Its another Monday! Which means its time for another Monday Mix! This week its Beautiful Eulogy. Beautiful Eulogy is a three person group made up of Odd Thomas, Braille and Cortland Urbano. They are group that have also encouraged me in walk with Jesus. Their lyrics are gospel entered, word saturated and Christ exalting. They filled with the dangers of sin, and the judgement it brings… and the wonder of grace in Christ.

They have two albums out at the moment, both of which are free for you to download; Instruments of Mercy and Satelite Kite.

Monday Mixes

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I Love music. And I know you do too. Music is also a great way to grow in Christ. There are certain songs and artists that can grow our love for Christ as we listen too songs that exalt His glory and love.

Through Hymn is one of those artists that have done that for me. The good news… you can get his full album for free!

Just as a warning. This album is not your typical rap album. Its a rap album written about historical theology. Which means all the songs are based on historical beliefs that the church has held too…. Some of the songs address themes like justification by faith alone vs the roman catholic view of justification, by faith and works. It unpacks wrong beliefs held by people and points us to the truth of God’s word.

There is also a song about the reformation and a song about the Synod of Dort. If you don’t know what those are… listen to them and find out!

Enjoy some Christ exalting music!