Monday Mixes

Here is a great album by the Sing Team that calls us to sing praises the king of kings. Its an excellent group of songs that focuses on praising God for all he has done in Christ for His people. Take a listen and enjoy!


A late Monday mix (Thursday Mix)

Our Church just recently finished preaching through he book of Hebrews. One of the best ways to hide God’s word in our hearts is through song. Here is a group that loves to put scripture to music. A few years ago they wrote an album that goes through the book of Hebrews. I hope you are encouraged through their music!

Monday Mixes!

As many of you know, I grew up as a huge metal head. (Don’t worry! There is NON metal album on this post as well!) My love for metal has not changed though the bands i listen to have changed significantly. So I am thankful for Christians writing theological robust metal music. I know… those things dont normally go together. But that is exactly why I love Wolves at the Gate. Here are two albums i have thrououghly enjoyed. 


The first, for those who dont like metal listen to the EP below. Beautiful melodies, no screaming and great lyrics. 

Second, is an album called VxV.  One of my favorite albums that boldly proclaim the finished work of Christ at the cross that secures our forgiveness and salvation. This album has one of my al time favorite songs “The Father’s Bargain” which is based of a piece Puritan John Flavel wrote. You can find the lyrics below the playlist. 

The Fathers Bargain Lyrics

Oh now my son, here is a company of miserable souls
Cold and undone, searing their conscience with hearts black as coals
Here now they lie objects of justice, deserving of wrath
Speak your reply, what shall be done for them? Draw out your path
No one can contain the power and depths of my abundant love

Father, I say, such is my love and my pity for all
There is a way for no condemnation on men to befall
Whoa, such is my love and pity for all
No man can pay, I’ll make a way
No man can pay; utterly broke and poor to settle their debt
Though all’ve gone their way, I’ll yield a way for their sins to forget

Bring in all their sins
Lay it all on me
Bring in all their sins
Every last bill that they owe
Lay it all on me
For what they reap I will sow
The place these souls have found themselves is one of great distress
For even all their righteousness is just a filthy mess

O my son, you must understand that if I show mercy
You must reckon to pay, the last bit of my rage
For justice reigns upon this throne; perfection without flaw
How can the wicked find their peace and still have broken every law?

Let it be so, charge it on me
For I can bear the weight of sin so all would be free
Bring in all their sins
Every last bill that they owe
Lay it all on me
For what they reap I will sow

Blush Oman, let shame hide your face
For one of infinite worth has left his throne for his death
Which proves for our salvation, oh people hear my cries
With all our lusts and all our lies, when the truths come face to face
Did we earn such love and grace?
No we haven’t earned a thing, and there is nothing we can bring
To settle this age old rift and receive this perfect gift

If only you knew of the grace and love that our God has for all
You’d turn and look into the face of Jesus the Savior, who calls
Oh people, hear my cries, with all our lusts and all our lies
When the truths come face to face, did we earn such love and grace?
Oh we couldn’t earn a thing, and there is nothing we can bring
So receive this love and grace, believe his love and grace!

Monday Mixes!

Sorry its been awhile since the last Monday mix, but I promise this week will not disappoint. This is a band I heard about in university but still enjoy to this day. They are called Ascend the Hill and the album is Take the World but Give me Jesus. Its an excellent album to encourage  your soul to worship and praise Jesus for the treasure that He is. They are theologically reach and musically creative. Enjoy!


Monday Mixes

Another great genre of music for the soul is simply singing congregational songs of worship. This is a recent album I have really enjoyed. Some of you will recognize one the songs, “Come O Sinner”, which is a humbling song of confession with a call to come to Christ. This album overflows with praise to our glorious savior, Jesus Christ. Take a listen, sing along, and worship the God who has saved sinners!

Monday Mixes

I wonder where is your home? The bible describes Christians as exiles, a people who do not live in their homeland. The bible reminds us that our home is not here with our wealth, stuff, and friends, but in heaven. The Christian’s home is heaven, where God is. Here is an album written by a great couple that form the group the Gray Havens. It is an album that will fix your eyes on heaven and the hope Christians have in a crucified, risen king.