Will you survive in Religion 101?

Many of you will end up going to university. And in university you will face people and professors who do not believe in Jesus Christ. In fact, not just in university but even here in Dubai you will find out that people are not neutral to God, but are, and will be in active opposition to you, and ultimately God. Will you be prepared? Are you already prepared? How can you prepare yourself for to be challenged in your faith intellectually and doctrinally?

I pray that I, your parents, the church, and Christians around you would be part of that preperation. But, we can also use the resources that God has given us. Here are two excellent resources for you to prepare yourself.

  1.  A Video by Micahael Kruger, who gives a little bit of his story, and how he was challenged by entering a secular New Testament class.
  1. Ligonier Connect. 

This is an excellent ministry that is for FREE right now. In it you can find a ton of classes that you can take by yourself or a group of other students. There are classes that surround theology, the Christian life, worldview and so much more. Follow the steps below to a class on how to defend your faith by R.C. Sproul. 

  1. Simply click here to go to their website. 

  2. Click on Worldview and Culture

3 . Click on Defending your Faith 1:Foundational Principles. 

  1. Create a study Group (A few of you can take this class together!) 

  2. Sign up for an account for FREE

  3. Be encouraged and challenged by excellent teaching!

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