Monday Mixes

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I Love music. And I know you do too. Music is also a great way to grow in Christ. There are certain songs and artists that can grow our love for Christ as we listen too songs that exalt His glory and love.

Through Hymn is one of those artists that have done that for me. The good news… you can get his full album for free!

Just as a warning. This album is not your typical rap album. Its a rap album written about historical theology. Which means all the songs are based on historical beliefs that the church has held too…. Some of the songs address themes like justification by faith alone vs the roman catholic view of justification, by faith and works. It unpacks wrong beliefs held by people and points us to the truth of God’s word.

There is also a song about the reformation and a song about the Synod of Dort. If you don’t know what those are… listen to them and find out!

Enjoy some Christ exalting music!

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