Who Then Is This?

WHo Then is This

Many people have different ideas of who Jesus is, a teacher, a prophet, a man, the Son of God or even the mere imagination of a couple men. But who was he? To help us learn about this man named Jesus, we look to the gospel of Mark.

The gospel of Mark is is the personal testimony of Peter, a disciple of Jesus, written down by his companion Mark. In Peter’s testimony we learn about who Jesus really is, and why he really came. We also learn that Jesus demands a radical response to Him. We cannot simply declare declare “It’s not for me”. We either respond to King Jesus in faith and repentance or we reject him in utter rebellion.

So what are your thoughts about Him? Who do you think he is? Come out on thursday nights this year at H2O and behold the glory of the Son of God and learn how He makes sense of our entire lives.

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