Music that leads us to Christ

In the past few weeks a few of you have asked about good worship music. I LOVE good worship music. But what exactly is it?

What makes good worship music? Good worship music leads us in worship of who God is and what he has done for us in Christ. It sings about who we are, (Sinners apart from Christ), who God is, and who Jesus is and what he has done at the cross) for sinners. We dont want songs about me, and us, what we will do for God our how we feel. We want to sing cross centred songs. We want songs that lead us to humility before the cross and before God. We want songs about the glory of Jesus Christ, and the salvation he brings for sinners. We want to sing songs that celebrate our adoption, redemption, justification and all the facets of the gospel. When we walk out of youth group, friday morning, or finish singing a song by ourselves. We want to be at awe of Jesus Christ that leads us to faith and repentance.

With all that being said. Here are a few worship bands Anna and I have grown to love and listen too. Know that some of them are better for personal music than singing as a group/singing in church. I will also come out with a blog about good music in general including rappers and rock bands.

Here they are!

Sovereign Grace Music

Ghost Ship

Matt Papa

The Village Church

Keith and Kristyn Getty


Dustin Kensrue

Kings Kaliedascope

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