Kings Kaleidoscope

If you are looking for good music to lead you to worship JESUS. Take a moment a listen to King’s Kaleidoscope. They are a band I started listening about 2 years ago. They write new music as well as rewrite old hymns.

Here is a excerpt found on their website

The band features sections of strings, horns, and two drum sets. With this inventive setup, strong Hip Hop influences, and Mars Volta-esque feel, there is no categorizing their style. They could just as believably pull off a set at Coachella as they could a Sunday service playing all hymns.

Kings Kaleidoscope was born at Mars Hill Church in Seattle where the band led worship for 4 years, but now aims to craft music that is not limited to a Sunday morning congregation. The band is best known for their ability to creatively re-arrange classic hymns, pushing the boundaries of modern worship music.

Here are some of their latest music videos

You can download their next 6 Song EP for free on the 18 of March! It will only be available for FREE for O-N-E week! Just click HERE to get to their website!


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